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February 28, 2004


Panayiotis Zaphiris

Hi David,

sorry but i have to disagree with my friend Yiouli on this one.

I think she is making some assumptions that might not be valid:

a) she claims "After the recent meeting in New York, the second revised text of the Foundation Agreement was tabled anew and all parties committed themselves to conducting the referenda on the 21st of April."

If you read carefully the NY decission you will see that they did comitte themselves to conduct referenda.. but they DIDN'T comitte to do them on 21st of April. Read (or post on your blog if possible) the full text of Annan's statement after the NY talks and you will see what i mean.

b) Yiouli claims that the people of the two communities will be asked to vote on ".... to ring into being a new state of affairs in which Cyprus joins the European Union united?"

this quote is from Annan plan Version 3. One can easily assume that this will (*has*) change in the final version as now Cyprus is a member of EU and that issue is not to be decided through the referendum. I don't understand how Yiouli assumes that the same quote from version 3 will be in the final version of the plan.


Panayiotis Zaphiris

P.S.: Nice Blog.... I am not as optimistic as you are as to the outcome of these negotiations (I think they will definetely extend beyond 1st of May and a solution is not as close as it is presented in the introductory post of your blog... but maybe i will be proven wrong :)

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