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April 18, 2004



Dear all,

The Turkish Cypriot Youth of Cyprus need you in their darkest days. Please visit www.atcanews.org and sign the petition for the Turkish Cypriot youth
of Cyprus.

The removal of embargoes from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has not taken place, hence effecting the lives of the Turkish Cypriots in North Cyprus, especially the Youth.

The following are 5 reasons why you should sign the petition -

1) The Turkish Cypriot youth are subjected to economic embargoes in North Cyprus and have no monetary aid by any country except for Turkey.

2) The Greek Cypriot Government of Cyprus receives all aid to Cyprus and continues to impose embargoes on the Turkish Cypriots since 1963!

3) The European Union (EU) promised Turkish Cypriots that by voting ‘YES’ in the recent referendum they will have all embargoes removed and enjoy the economical benefits that they are entitled to.....NEARLY 1 year has passed and the EU have not fulfilled this promise!

4) The EU illegaly have only admitted the South Cyprus Government into their union ignoring the Turkish Cypriots in North Cyprus. Is this the
fine example of westernised culture?

5) Thousands of Turkish Cypriot youth leave North Cyprus every year in search of employment in England, Australia & Canada with most never
returning to Cyprus again! This is Ethnic Cleansing by the Greek Cypriot

Yours Sincerely
Serkan H

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